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Client Success Stories

My dad passed away in April of 2022, and my mom chose to sell the family home because it was too big for her to take care of. Patricia successfully sold two other properties on my mom’s block. We felt she would be an experienced and knowledgeable agent for my mom because she was familiar with the area and current market conditions. After speaking with Patricia, the family hired her as my mom’s selling agent. Patricia was thorough and kept in touch with the family via conference calls, text messages, and email. The market changed abruptly with the increase in interest rates and inflation. Patricia quickly advised the family on navigating the now uncertain housing market. Patricia closed my mom’s home in 5 weeks! We are forever grateful to Patricia for her patience, understanding, and professionalism while we worked through the process of selling my mom’s home. I highly recommend Patricia as an agent. I am confident she will work as hard for you as she did for my mom.
Cindy V.,  11/05/2022 on picture
Cindy V., 11/05/2022
Patricia did a fantastic job selling our home. We contacted Patricia and she came to meets us immediately. She told us how she would set up some staging items and all the marketing she would do. We put the house on the market on a Thursday, had an open house that very weekend and the house was sold. Patricia made selling our home extremely easy for us. We would definitely recommend her services to everyone we know that is looking to sell their home. Thank you so much for all you did for us.
Daniel King, 08/17/2022 on picture
Daniel King, 08/17/2022
I have been working with Patricia easily over seven years. She is an abundance of knowledge regarding senior Home sales and the details surrounding them such items like VA benefits, hoarding, downsizing, staging, etc. She has resources for every stage of the sales process and relocation if needed. I only hear positive compliments when I refer somebody to her and it’s a perk that she’s also bilingual. I highly recommend Patricia for any real estate services.
Deana Guerrero, 06/21/2022 on picture
Deana Guerrero, 06/21/2022
This last two years our lives changed dramatically with the loss of our father, his loss has been one of the hardest moments in our lives. Because of that my dad’s house went into probate. We were terrified with the thought that we would loose his house, so many memories and beautiful moments we lived there. But luckily we were blessed with an angel sent to us from heaven, Patricia is that angel sent to us, we believe very much that if it weren’t for Patricia’s knowledge and years of experience the outcome of this ordeal would’ve of been so much different, Patricia stood by our side with this problem all the way to the very end. Thank you so much Patricia for being there for us all this time, you are truly an angel sent by heaven to help us in all we needed. I truly believe that your extreme experience and knowledge helped us through all this horrible months. We will never stop thanking you for all your help with this ordeal. Gracias, para todos nosotros eres más que un Agente de Vienes y Raíces eres un hermoso ángel mandada desde el cielo y una adorada amiga.
Ludmila Huerta, 03/18/2022 on picture
Ludmila Huerta, 03/18/2022
Patricia Lafosse is absolutely wonderful to work with. Patricia is experienced and knowledgeable about the market. She’s a great communicator, very patient, and kind. She is very attentive to your needs and goes out of her way to help you through the process. I highly recommend!
Elizabeth Carlisi,  11/12/2021 on picture
Elizabeth Carlisi, 11/12/2021
Patricia LaFosse was our agent a few years ago when we sold our house. We were so impressed with Patricia that when I decided to sell my family home that I inherited I immediately called Patricia. I lived out of state, and she saw the house and advised me. Since the house needed work such as landscaping, new floors, painting and bathroom remodeling plus general repairs and cleaning I was at a loss since I was not local and didn’t know what to do. Patricia provided the referrals needed to accomplish this to get my house ready for sale. She also ordered the termite inspection plus home inspection. She made herself available to meet with repair people and inspectors plus she checked on the progress of improvements done to the house. She also made several trips to the hardware store to gather necessary items for repairs. I could not have done all of this without her help. She took an enormous stress load off of me. She also knew it was very emotional selling my family home that had been in my family for 70 years. She was very understanding and caring about my feelings. I never got the feeling of being rushed about making decisions. She answered my calls or got back to me very quickly. I truly believe Patricia cares deeply about her clients and she does everything possible to put you at ease and makes the selling or buying experience less stressful and she takes the time to explain everything, so it is understandable. Patricia went above and beyond to help me through the selling process. I highly recommend Patricia for selling or buying a home.
Joanne Stinson,  07/13/2021 on picture
Joanne Stinson, 07/13/2021
We could not have asked for a better home buying experience. Patricia is very patient and we truly appreciated her guidance and attention to detail. What we thought would be a daunting and frustrating process, she made it into such an enjoyable and memorable one. We knew we were in good hands the moment we met her and she took great care of us from beginning to end.
Patrick Soriano, 02/16/2021 on picture
Patrick Soriano, 02/16/2021
Adding 5 stars to prior review! Too bad there aren’t 10! She was great and I am happy!
Suzanne Mayfield, 02/11/2021 on picture
Suzanne Mayfield, 02/11/2021
I cannot say enough of the professionalism and attentive detail received from Patricia at this most bittersweet time in my life. My first experience with a house sale and she made it effortless. She is the best!!!
Suzanne Mayfield,  02/11/2021 on picture
Suzanne Mayfield, 02/11/2021
Patricia sold the home of a friend that had many complications. She did it in about a month and we were just amazed and so pleased with the whole process. Patricia was so professional and keep the client informed of her progress throughout.
Janet Oliver, 11/12/2020 on picture
Janet Oliver, 11/12/2020
Pat represented me in both the purchase and the sale of my condo. She is genuine and experienced always looking out for her client’s best interest. She became more than a realtor, she turned into a family friend!
Tish Del Castillo, 12/01/2020 on picture
Tish Del Castillo, 12/01/2020
We are so happy that it was Patricia who God put in our path for the sale of our house. She is caring, smart, committed, and full of integrity. She is a straight shooter and is always open to help with anything she can. I am planning to recommend her to my friends and family.
Gloria Annicchiarico, 01/20/2021  on picture
Gloria Annicchiarico, 01/20/2021
For health reasons, we made a decision to move. The home we were selling had been in our family since 1965. You can imagine the accumulation of “stuff” and memories. Patricia LaFosse made that decision work. She introduced us to people/companies that could help with our downsizing and actual moving needs. Going from a house to apartment is no walk in the park, however, her expertise made it work. She handled the one glitch we had (termite check-up) with reasonableness and professionalism. Within approximately 3 months, sign-up to sign-off, we were in an apartment not far from our daughter. September 1019 Thank you, Joe and Julia
Julia and Joe B.,  04/20/2020 on picture
Julia and Joe B., 04/20/2020
My wife and I recently completed a series of transactions with Patricia. These transactions involved a 1031 transaction that included the sale of a property that was managed by two other realtors and the purchase of another property managed by Patricia. My concerns included the timely and accurate deliverables with various entities that included but were not limited to the seller of the property we were buying, the lender, the Accommodator, insurance Company, and the realtors of the property I was selling. Patricia was instrumental in ensuring that all parties were communicating in a timely manner to ensure that all timeframes were met and completed in their entirety. In addition, Patricia then was instrumental in finding a Tenant for the newly acquired property. I appreciate Patricia’s knowledge of her profession, her ability to generate creative ideas to issues, and her ability to remain organized, focused, and friendly at all times. Thank you Larry & Eloise Luevanos
Lawrence L., 01/23/2020 on picture
Lawrence L., 01/23/2020
We knew after our first meeting that Patricia LaFosse was the right agent to sell our home. She is very knowledgeable and shows great concern for her clients. We were selling our home after 20 years and Patricia understood it was a very stressful and emotional time for us. She walked us through every step and explained in detail so we understood everything. She answered our questions quickly. Since we were buying out of state she put us in contact with an agent in that state and they worked together so we were not without a home. She put our minds at ease and offered suggestions to help us along the way. She is very easy to talk to. We would, without a doubt highly recommend Patricia if you are going to sell or buy a home. Thank you Mr. and Mrs Stinson
John and Joanne S., 06/25/2019 on picture
John and Joanne S., 06/25/2019
Especially when one is old, the process of selling a house is much more daunting than was the purchase of it thirty years earlier. Patricia took the time to explain every step, sometimes more than once. She has great competence working with the elderly, as some of us do not have all ducks in a row. Kind, caring, most helpful through the entire process, often going out of her way to work through the sale. She is also adept at calming the apprehensive!
Patricia W., 02/04/2019 on picture
Patricia W., 02/04/2019
I first have to say that without a shadow of a doubt Patricia was great to work with, she really listens to her clients and what they are looking for. She was able to answer all of our questions and always got back to us in a timely manner. I would highly recommend her to any one she was very patient and spent all the time we needed with us in finding the exact right home for us. I always felt that she had our best interest at heart. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a new home or trying to sell their home. Jason & Celina
Celina R., 10/20/2017 on picture
Celina R., 10/20/2017
Mrs. LaFosse guided us through out the entire process. She enabled us, coached us, and gave us the confidence of making our american dream come to pass that was purchasing our 2nd home. She engaged great customer service. She is considered a great agent and now friend. She truly represents RE/MAX MASTERS REALTY as a professional!
Maribel V., 08/02/2017 on picture
Maribel V., 08/02/2017
We are very happy with the service that Patricia Lafosse provided for our family. She explained the whole process from the beginning to the end of sale. She understood that we were under a limited time to sell the home and she came thru for us like a professional. We are grateful that we had an opportunity to meet Patricia, and we would recommend her to our family and friends. It was so nice to meet an honest person like Patricia, it made our experience much more pleasant. Best Regards, Arreguin Family
Dolores S., 06/21/2017 on picture
Dolores S., 06/21/2017
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